GIPHY SDK Debuts its Latest Service, GIPHY Text, with Select Launch Partners

October 28, 2020 by Dan Burke

GIPHY users have relied on us to help them better express themselves since day one. First, with GIFs, and later followed by Stickers, animated emoji & text, Video, etc. We know, based on the frequent use of captions on GIFs, that sometimes text is important to contextualize visual media. This led the way to the next evolution of our media library — unleashing animated text creation to users via GIPHY Text! 

Historically, using text has required the written word to handle all the effort of expression. We asked ourselves why is this the case; is it possible to let the text itself enhance your expression? As non-verbal and unwritten cues are lost in our digital world, written communication often requires the reader to interpret, and thus make assumptions, about the underlying meaning of the words sent.  We feel that creative and animated font styles can improve both the sender and the reader’s quality of communication.  Instead of simply using a fire emoji to let someone know what they said was,, why not put that in words with flaming text?  And, just in time for Halloween, GIPHY has you covered for all your spooky messages with this creepy style of text. Check it out, below!

GIPHY’s goal is to animate the internet, and it’s long past due that text becomes more fun. GIPHY Text will soon be available in a select set of partner apps, including: Clash, Prequel, and TextNow. We expect to roll out GIPHY Text to all SDK users in the coming months. If you’d like to be the first to know when that happens, get on the waiting list here

— Dan Burke, Director of Product