GIF Paint: Drawing GIFs on Canvas

August 2, 2017 by Jonny McLaughlin

What was once intended to simply be a fun internal hack day project for GIPHY Maker’s Fair eventually turned into an actualized tool, better known as GIF Paint. We had a hack day here where we (GIPHY employees) were split into pods and spent time building GIF related tools which were then presented to GIPHY at large. Think an old school science fair turned GIF fair. My GIF related tool was GIF Paint – a mobile website where you upload a photo and use your finger to paint on it with GIF’s, choosing your GIFs from the select toolbar provided.

This presentation, brought to you by Bob Ross, digs into the technical limitations it took to build the GIF Paint tool and the interesting problems encountered along the way. What’s more is that I was able to not only leverage some existing tools but improve and build upon them throughout the process, continuously enhancing the tool overall.

– Jonny McLaughlin, Director of Engineering