GIPHY Dancing Stickers are all the Hype(r)

April 20, 2018 by Jonny McLaughlin


Make this jazz corn dance across my terminal window whenever I deploy code via Github.


I’ve been using Hyper, a terminal emulator built with Javascript, for a while now and I love it. It’s built with React, which is the same technology that powers the front-end of It’s very customizable and, with a little React/JS knowledge, you can make it do whatever you’d like.

I chose to harness this power to make stickers dance around my screen whenever I would perform certain actions. The plugin was hacked together in a few hours for pure enjoyment purposes but more features are totally welcome in the form of pull requests! I may also be adding things here and there.


Go to your preferences and add “hyper-giphy-stickers” to your plugins list.

Below are the currently supported keywords:

  • – pull
  • – push
  • – start
  • – deploy
  • – publish
  • PS – there also may or may not be a special treat when 4:20pm rolls around, but that all depends on who’s asking…

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    — Johnny McLaughlin, Director of Engineering