About Us

In today’s world, GIFs do all the talking - and it’s our mission here at GIPHY to make expressing yourself easier and more fun than ever. As the Engineers behind GIPHY, we build the technology that makes this possible, serving up over five billion GIFS each and every day.

Bridging the gap between entertainment and communication is no easy task. There isn’t a rule book, or a set of instructions laid out before us. Instead we rely on each other to develop new skills, build creative solutions and support one another. Our work is a true reflection of our personality - it’s visual, it’s fun, it’s diverse, it’s innovative, it’s inspiring – it’s what makes GIPHY standout.

At GIPHY Engineering we’re not just the team behind the scenes. We value transparency, and as a result are ingrained in the daily business challenges that come with building the world’s largest GIF search engine. We’re learning a lot along the way, and in this blog we’d like to share some of what we’re discovering with you.

If you’re interested in joining the GIPHY Engineering team, head over to our careers page.