About Us

In today’s world, GIFs do all the talking - and it’s our mission here at GIPHY to make expressing yourself easier and more fun than ever. As the Engineers behind GIPHY, we build the technology that makes this possible.

At GIPHY Engineering, we express ourselves through the innovative GIF software that provides you with content in real time, all the time. With a humbling amount of daily visitors, we serve up large volumes of content and solve unique and challenging problems everyday. This is no easy task, but working alongside some of the greatest personalities day-to-day on how to make a profound impact on the way we communicate makes it a labor of love. Our work is a true reflection of our personality - it’s visual, it’s fun, it’s diverse, it’s innovative, it’s inspiring – it’s what makes GIPHY standout.

We are the nuts and bolts behind GIPHY's products and the force behind our continuous innovation. Here you’ll learn first-hand what it takes to make it all happen – this is GIPHY Engineering.